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The PRINCE2 method of project management offers tangible and actionable benefits to delegates and organisations. While project management is about value for money PRINCE2 is a method that centres on the desirability of the business case. Diligent project management also has a focus on viability, which is a PRINCE2 core concept. In the same vein, applying PRINCE2 is a way to ensuring that desired benefits are achievable.

The PRINCE2 method of project management enjoys such broad acceptance for a simple reason – it works. PRINCE2 provides a project management framework that reduces project risks and grows the probability of project success.

PRINCE2 project management methodology follows a set of nuanced rules distilled from practice and logical reasoning. Similarly, the PRINCE2 professional certification requires candidates to acquire a sharp eye for fine detail.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests you on the knowledge of core rules and common sense. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam tests you on logical reasoning based on a granular knowledge of PRINCE2.

We use accredited training materials to create bespoke training programmes to help you – as a start – pass your PRINCE2 Foundation exam. As a next step, we´ll guide you in your preparation for sitting the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

That's right.
the emphasis of our method is on preparation for PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams

You can become competent in project management only on a job. But to get a job, you´ll need a sort of a driving license. 

Like the PRINCE2 6th edition Practitioner certification.

So, we understand that when you buy PRINCE2 online courses (or our classroom training), your immediate objective is getting certified.

At the very least, a PRINCE2 certificate will give you an advantage in competing for a job in project management. 

But the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is a hard nut to crack. To raise your odds of success, we´ll teach you how to be sly. Like knowing the linking keywords. Like using eliminative induction. Like applying the 50-50 filter. 

True, achieving PRINCE2 certification in the first place requires knowledge. But a bit of craftiness helps. And it is a useful project management skill, too.

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True enough, our PRINCE2 online courses may be a bit more expensive than some others.

But we also offer some things that those others don´t.

Our angle on teaching PRINCE2 is to make you exam-ready with a minimum investment of your time.

Our angle is to teach you how to prepare for the certification exams by studying smarter, not longer.

From experience, we know exactly what you need to learn to be able to confidently pass the exams. And this is what we´ll teach you, nothing more, nothing less.

Like how to use eliminative induction. Or when to apply the 50-50 filter. Or how to recognize revealing hints and tips that are hidden in exam questions and answers. Or what keywords will help you instantaneously pick the right answer.

Places on public courses are strictly limited to 12 to ensure that our trainer is able to offer each of the delegates individual attention as required.

True enough, there is what you can consider to be a flip side, too. You´ll need to stay on the ball throughout the course. And that involves more than just passively absorbing new knowledge. That also involves activating it. And if that were not enough, you´ll also need to spend some time committing certain concepts and keywords to memory. Folks, you´ve been warned, this is not a stroll in the park.

If your organisation wants to schedule a virtual PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Practitioner course in the North American or Australian time zone

or prefers classroom training ,
>>> write to us <<<.
We’ll make you a bespoke offer that you may find hard to refuse.

Our booking terms for PRINCE2 courses are as flexible as they get in this line of business. Follow the link to our Terms and Conditions of Sales in each PRINCE2 event registration page.

Your PRINCE2 study guide – the unique concept of PRINCE2 Fiction adds a new dimension to learning materials

In the beginning, there was a lament. Delegates on my PRINCE2® courses consistently grumbled about the absence of learning materials that would help them grasp PRINCE2 concepts in an entertaining way. They bemoaned the dryness of the official guidance that was difficult to digest. And pleaded for a learning aid that would be engaging – and even fun – to read and study.

PRINCE2 may not be exactly rocket science. Still, this method of project management has a depth that requires an effort to grasp. The learning curve is steep. And true enough, accredited course training materials do tend to be on the dry side.

This is how I came up with the idea of converting a PRINCE2 study guide into PRINCE2 Fiction.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alex. I am the owner of Flexilern.

When you buy PRINCE2 training from Flexilern, I’ll be your trainer. Guaranteed. I conduct all PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses offered by Flexilern. We do not use freelance labour.

I’ve got some two decades of practice in project management (including the use of PRINCE2 methodology) under my belt.

Which means, I teach from experience.

And I am experienced as a PRINCE2 trainer, too.

Prior to the pandemic, I’ve conducted classroom training in PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner modules across Europe. Training locations included Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Dublin, Cork, Copenhagen, Ghent, Stockholm, Barcelona, Madrid. And Vienna, which is my home turf.

Since mid-2020, we had to switch to conducting PRINCE2 training in the virtual instructor-led training mode. That expanded our market presence. In 2020-21, I delivered PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training to delegates in the UK, Canada, New York, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles and Denver, Colorado – as well as in Oman, India, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore, too.

Now, let me share a secret with you. You can sail through the PRINCE2 certification exams by being sly. You´ll need to study hard, sure enough. But to confidently beat the PRINCE2 examiners at their own game, you´ll also need to learn the technique of eliminative induction. And practice picking up the subtle tips and giveaways liberally strewn across PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam questions.

Accordingly, I teach how to confidently pass PRINCE2 official certification exams and get PRINCE2 certified in a minimum of time and with a minimum of effort. Some PRINCE2 training providers include in their offer bells and whistles. Like access to PRINCE2 exam simulators with half a thousand mock exam questions.

My own PRINCE2 traner´s experience tells me that completing the two official PRINCE2 Foundation mock exams and two official PRINCE2 Practitioner mock exams will do the job, thank you. May be not for everyone. But certainly for most candidates seeking PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. Provided you use the techniques I teach, that is.

As I’ve said, I deliver all Flexilern training in PRINCE2® myself.

That’s one way how I can uphold my high standards of training quality. Moreover, Flexilern is a proud member of ASPECT. It’s a UK-based international trade association that strives to advance excellence in project management training and consulting. A stern watchdog that holds me true to my quality pledge.

I am looking forward to seeing you on a PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner course conducted by Flexilern. Hopefully soon.