Buy PRINCE2 training by Flexilern in 2021 and your investment will pay off in spades

Here is your key benefit. A PRINCE2® certification can raise your market value. As a result, new and exciting career doors may open for you.

buy PRINCE2 training in 2021

Buy PRINCE2 training from us, and you’ll get perks in spadefuls. All for an affordable price, too. But hey, do not expect our prices to be cheap. Like nothing else about us is cheap.

Flexilern is small, and we feel small is good. Our focus is on quality, not on numbers. We use accredited training materials to create bespoke training programmes to help candidates pass the exams.

That's right,
the emphasis of our method is on exam preparation

We understand that when you buy PRINCE2 training, your immediate objective is getting certified. It’s like passing the driving test. Once you’ve got the license, you can hone your skills on public roads and in real traffic. You’d never become a competent driver by only reading books and blogs. Nor by sitting on a course during five days even if your instructor is the world’s best driver. The only way to learn driving is by doing. But in order to practice, you need a license.

Same thing with project management. You can become competent only on a job. And to get a job, you need a license. Like a PRINCE2® certification. At the very least, it will give you an advantage. And quite often, you won’t have a chance of getting a PM position without one. So, the whole purpose of our training is to do our best to help you get certified.

PRINCE2® certification exams are hard to pass. Your best chance is to be smart. So, over time, we’ve learned a few helpful things about how to be smart and share our tips with our delegates. Like knowing the linking keywords. Like using eliminative induction. Like applying the 50-50 filter. And quite a few more.

Here is the Big Reveal. Buy PRINCE2 training from Flexilern for our low price. And get our all-inclusive great-value-for-your-money package

We offer the complete and fully accredited PRINCE2® 6th Edition training. Foundation and Practitioner modules, separately or together. Virtual or classroom. During the week or on week-ends. Spin it the way YOU want.

Buy PRINCE2® training on one of our scheduled virtual instructor-led courses (GMT+1) HERE

If your organisation wants to schedule a virtual course in the North American or Australian time zone

or prefers classroom training ,
>>> write to us <<<.
We’ll make you a bespoke offer that you may find hard to refuse.

Our booking terms are as flexible as they get in this line of business

When you consider booking a place on one of our PRINCE2® training course, you’ll find a link to our Terms and conditions of sales on each event registration page. To put it in a nutshell: 

  • You can rebook yourself on a similar course scheduled for a later date without any fees, penalties or surcharges at all times after making your payment and before the start date of the course.
  • If we have to cancel or reschedule a course – it has never happened yet, but still…- you can choose between a full refund and a rebooking.


If you decide to cancel your booking for any reason, we will issue a refund/coupon mix that will depend on the time remaining till the course start date. But you’ll lose none of your payment even in the case of a “no show”.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexei Kuvshinnikov.

I am the owner of Flexilern. And its Lead Trainer in PRINCE2® 6th edition. When you buy PRINCE2 training from Flexilern, I’ll be your trainer. Guaranteed. I deliver all Flexilern training in PRINCE2®. We do not use freelance labour.

I’ve got some two decades of practice in project management under my belt – in the UN system, OSCE and the European Commission. It took me to some two dozen countries in Europe, Asia Minor, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Which means, I teach from experience.

And I am an experienced trainer, too. 2021 is my fifth year of working full-time as an accredited PRINCE2® trainer.

Prior to the pandemic, I’ve delivered classroom training on two dozen occasions in numerous European cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne, Dublin, Cork, Copenhagen, Ghent, Stockholm, Barcelona, Madrid. And, of course, Vienna, which is my home turf.

Since mid-2020, we had to switch to the virtual instructor-led training mode. That had an unexpected benefit of increasing our reach. Since then, I conducted courses to audiences in the UK, Canada – as well as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. That required me to switch to Australian time. And what great fun it was! Though one thing I must tell you is that “virtual” jetlag is no less painful that the real one…

As I’ve said, I deliver all Flexilern training in PRINCE2® myself. That’s one way how I can uphold my high standards of quality that apply to our training. Moreover, Flexilern is a proud member of ASPECT. It’s a UK-based international trade association that strives to advance excellence in project management training and consulting. A stern watchdog that holds me true to my quality pledge.

I hope to see you on one of PRINCE2® courses conducted by Flexilern. Hopefully soon.